Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Fluid Kayaks Now At SC&K

We are very pleased to announce that we are now a dealer for Fluid Kayaks of South Africa.
We will be adding the Fluid Element to our surf boat livery and keeping it in stock for our on-line store.

Real wave surfing is possible in this WW/surf kayak crossover boat. It also has great wave playing characteristics and should appeal to a broad range of paddling and surfing styles, but namely the white water crowd at the beach. Surf the ocean, shred the the river, rip it up at the WW park.

And at only $900 makes for a great #3 or #4 boat.

"The Element is shorter than a traditional surf kayak, which gives up a little bit of speed , but the shorter length makes the Element very maneuverable. Super quick directional changes is the name of the game."

If you want to throw down some moves this is the boat. It's also the boat to give yourself a good spanking in. Great for 20mph windswell days on Tybee.

We are impressed with the quality and value for money of Fluid Kayaks and will be adding more boats to our inventory over time.

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