Sunday, February 8, 2009

Sunday Service

The Global Pagoda is to be inaugurated by the President of India on February 8, 2009 at Gorai near Essel World, Mumbai. About 3000 invited dignitaries including the Governor and Chief Minister of Maharashtra, Union Ministers, business leaders, film personalities, leaders of various religions and so forth are expected to attend the event.
The Pagoda can accommodate 8000 meditators.

The Buddha said that two qualities are rare among humans:
Kataññu`ta, that is, gratitude and
pubbakarita, which is, initiative to help others without expecting anything in return.
These two qualities are the true yardstick of measuring progress on the path of Dhamma of any person devoted to Dhamma.
Gratitude is more important of the two qualities. Whenever we remember the help given to us by any person and generate gratitude towards him, we naturally feel inclined to give selfless service to live up to that ideal.
Thus selfless service is strengthened.
Gratitude and selfless service complement and support each other.

The Global Pagoda will be an expression of our gratitude: towards the Buddha, who as the Bodhisatta strived for incalculable aeons to fulfill his paramis to reach Supreme Enlightenment. Having done so, he taught the Dhamma for the good of many, for benefit of many, out of compassion for all beings.
May all Beings be happy, peacful, liberated.
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