Friday, February 6, 2009

Give us a Break

Maybe it's the cold weather and the mid winter blues.
Maybe it is the lack of winter surf, lack of paddling and physical exercise.
But I got to tell you , I've just about had as much as I can take with the SUP hype.
Just when we thought the 'paddle industry' had out done itself with pushing kayak fishing down our throats, along come paddle boards...only 50 years behind their original conception !
The funniest video we saw this week was a guy shooting rapids on his stand up board....we can only think it must of been a rep.
So what's next ?... Well, the obvious would be a tandem SUP...Yeah!
Sit down snowboarding (One for the skiing industry)
Squirt boat scuba diving ?
Heli Squirting ?
Something with golf in it....
Tidal race SOT paint ball

A free t shirt to anyone who comes up with the next big 'hype'.

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