Monday, June 22, 2009

First Day of Summer !

Yes, it is official. The first day of summer kicked off to a fine start yesterday with heat advisories telling people to stay indoors ! What ?

We had a great day on the water yesterday, and with a cool ocean breeze fanning our necks it certainly did not feel like the 105' heat index (?) forecast.
The ever environmentally conscious Miley Syrus was out jet skiing around the waters of Tybee earlier in the week, probably doing some high speed turtle research. In town for the summer for filming, Miley has set up camp on Tybee along with about 130 Disney employees. Tybee cops have already arrested 3 over-eager photographers for not "doing as they were told."
TIPD has got your back, Miley.

But of course the the days of summer also herald in the Season of the Boating Buffoon and plenty of buffoonery was evident on Little Tybee this last week also.
5 overly equipped but under knowledged fishermen were briefly stranded on Myrtle while attempting a surf landing or something ??. Their boat spilling gas and other junk was left high and dry on the sand. Fortunately surf is low due to our high pressure system right now.
4 Soldiers were left overnight on LT after being told by their buddie he would be back in the morning. Of course , he did not return and the hapless heros had to be rescued by Tybee Rescue services. They were each fined $85.
A bunch of local kids drifted over to LT on inflatable mattresses and spent the night, before drifting back the next day. We found their beach camp along with their shot up bear cans in the fire. Nice kids, but dim.
So, come on . Switch of the radio and TV and lets get to the beach.
It will be a hoot.... we guarantee it .

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