Tuesday, June 9, 2009

SC&K Apprentice Hospitalized

It was his life long dream to take part in the Little Tybee Challenge, but all too quickly Stephen Lockwood's vision of the future turned to the front end of a car cutting across his path.
Just a day before the race, Stephen was out cruising along Butler in the Tybee bike lane (??) when, without warning, a car made a sudden left turn into the Ocean Plaza Hotel.
With a look of horror on his face and cat-like reflexes Stephen rolled across the hood and into the windshield.
"I'll have to call you back." were the last words of the driver before exiting her vehicle to check on young Stephen, now laying in the gutter surrounded by broken dreams...and a carbon fiber bicycle now in two halves.
Mr Lockwood was later released from Hospital with stitches and some jaw problems.
SC&K representative released the following statement..
"We are sorry to hear about this unfortunate accident and wish Stephen a full and speedy recovery. We would also like to congratulate him on his impact prevention techniques and ability to 'roll'. Well done mate !"

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