Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The New Bullitt X-S !

And finally...The new Bullitt X-S

A redesigned and revamped version of the very popular Bullitt S.
All the same dimensions, but with a twist.
The nose is longer with more entry rocker, but with less width and volume.
The stern is narrower and slicier and with greater exit rocker making for a snappier feel. The original Bullitt S was a chopped down version of the IC Bullitt with the 'chopped' parts taken from the ends. This new design is largely the IC Bullitt, but with the 'chopped parts taken from the middle.
So, is this a replacement for the S ?...no at all.
The Bullitt S is a mainstay of the Mega line...very user friendly and excellent 'all rounder'....also a great instruction boat. We will continue to carry and sell this version.
The new Bullitt X-S is a lot more of a slippery customer for the more aggressive 'competition' style paddler.
We hope to have the Bullitt X-S on our next shippment.
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