Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Summer Season Ends with a Bang & a Fire.

A very busy Labour Day weekend marked the end of a fantastic summer season here at SC&K. "Its been 100 days of 'balls to wall' paddling on the Ga waterways. We have had a fun summer." said a representative not authorized to speak.
"Sunday was a boating frenzy of all shapes and sizes and the usual stuff was left behind on Little Tybee. Grills, tables, chairs, bear cans and other 'Use it and Leave it' camping paraphernalia now sits on Bucks Beach."
Not content with just leaving behind their crap, one Little Tybee visitor manged to burn down two acres of maritime forest on Myrtle Hammock.
Tybee officials requested help from Chatham County who directed the Mosquito Control helicopter to douse the fire. For about an hour the helicopter scooped up 120 gallons at a time and brought the fire under control.
Hopefully charges are pending.
The '09 Fall season will begin in ernest tomorrow.
Dont forget that September 21st to the 25th is Instruction Week with half price classes.

The Moore Family and friends jamming the Narrows...Skidaway. Labour Day weekend

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