Monday, September 21, 2009

Mess of Canoes at Kanumesse

Kanumesse is the big European paddlesports Industry showcase event. Not open to the public, it is a product platform for new (?) ideas and designs that will be available for next season. It's a chance for the suits to hype up their knaf gimmicks and hang out with some hot birds in need of some instruction.

Fluid have reproduced the Element in a composite layup. Not sure why. It looks a lot like the Wavesport Flyer from 6 years ago. And what the hell is this...>>>

P&H showed off there new double skegged kayak.? Two 'inline ' skegs, one controller.. We will have to ask Ben Lawry about this one..

Some very hot looking PFD's from Palm... the accessory that they just can't quite get right... after all these years ! Why is it so hard to design a suitable, comfortable, practical vest ?
More details coming soon
And of course, this...the sectional SOT...well, about time.

So there you have it. Lots of great new stuff coming our way 2010. Did we mention Stand Up Paddle Boards ?

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