Saturday, September 26, 2009

Half Off Week Now Over.

Our half price instruction week was met with a lot of positive response, with 15 people taking advantage of the cut price classes. We also had a good time teaching , as it enabled us to try a few new approaches and styles for 'getting the idea across.'
Most takers were signing up for the intro class, and the deal brought in those who may not of otherwise taken instruction.
And for those procrastinator fence sitters as well, this was their motivation.
Our 80' water is going to start cooling off pretty quickly...especially with 15" of rain water runoff heading this way.
We will be offering another cut price session in the winter.
We will also be holding some pool rolling classes and practice sessions.
Keep an eye out for that.

As you can see, students taking the half price classes were not given kayaks. They actually progressed much quicker.

No, not really. Everybody got their own kayak.

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