Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Surf & Jam Update.

Excitement for the Paddle Surf Jam on October 24th is growing as spaces fill up.
We already have a decent number of contestants coming from Florida, Georgia, South Carolina and Delaware. First Timers is the biggest category so far with over 10 newcomers eager to jam. The Sea Kayak class is also getting a lot of interest, but only three signed up for that as yet. We currently have 4 teams for the Doubles event .

New additions to the event are :
* Surf Kayak classes and demos all week prior to the event.
Tiderace Sea Kayak Demos all week prior to, and one day after, the event.

*'Boat check in' is now at 8am with a start time of 9am.

*Lunch will be provided for all contestants.

*The Old Bastards age minimum has been dropped 5 years to 50, to include people who we thought were older bastards than they actually are.

*The new Mega Bullitt X, the first one in the USA, will be on show at the beach.

*Still looking for a couple of judges.

Keep a check on the website Surf Jam page for new updates.

There will be more changes coming so ...keep this frequency clear.

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