Saturday, October 3, 2009

SC&K Paddler in Top Six at Nationals.

Poor conditions made for a very tough competition at the U.S Waveski National event this weekend. Riders from far and wide came out in force, and the caliber was high with such prominaries as Matthieu Barbarit and Caroline Angibaud, Tyler Lauston , Fletcher Burton and Nick Scoville.

Nick Scoville did you say ?.

Yes, that's right, our very own 'Snakebite' Scoville was in the top six as the 30 competitors were slowly whittled down to crown a nations champ in the art of ski surfing.

Alas, the Surf Gods were not satisfied with $125 entry fee and the comp was cancelled on the first day due to none-rideable conditions.

Friday was gorgeous and kicked up a 1.5 ft swell which tickled pink the organizers with some two footers breaking clean onto the Florida shore. Lunch was cancelled and 20 heats were run.

Short and quick, boards and rides, was the order of the day along with a few cracks, dings and face plants in the sand.

And the crown title goes to....
Mattiue Barbarit...the 5 times world champ from France. Congrats dude.
And very well done to Nick S...showing once again some of the best paddling talent comes from a very small island on the east coast not known for it's great surf....Shhh. say no more !

Full results coming soon.

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