Thursday, October 15, 2009

Surf Jam Shaping Up.

With water temps in the high 70's, the Tybee Paddle surf Jam, back by popular demand, is gearing up nicely.

We have approx 15 people signed up at present with a week still to go before registration closes next Thursday. 20 Contestants would be ideal.

It's excellent to see that the largest category is the First Timers.

This is just what we hoped for as the purpose of the event is to introduce people to competition surfing as another way to increase skill level and enjoyment of a great beach based activity.
" It would be great to fill the beach with an assortment of kayaks of all lengths, sizes and styles." said an SC&K authorized spokesperson.
"We got the new Flex from Venture which looks like a heap of fun in waves.
The Tandem event should be a good crowd pleaser with father and son, husband and wife, cop and con combos, all on Malibu 2's.
The Mega Bullitt X's will also be making it's first U.S appearance.
And the Tiderace Sea Kayak line will also be on display and surfed in the competition."
And what about the conditions ?
"Well, October is a commonly good month for waves. If it's big and rowdy there will be great displays by the 'Pros' and if it's flat we will have kayak races to the buoy and back." One way or another, we have a beach, ocean people and kayaks, plus a few goodies to give away.
So, come on down to the beach, bring the family and your swimming suits...there's gonna be a jam.

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