Sunday, March 28, 2010

All in a Week at SC&K

After long winter months of hardship and suffering, we welcomed in the arrival of March and the beginning of the new season..our 8th.
Everybody is eager to get back out into the beautiful natural environs of the Ga coast and this month has been no exception.
This last week of March has been great, with a whole slough of paddlers coming and going.

I was on the beach last weekend with a student talking about tides and currents when a salt encrusted paddler approached from t'other side.
It was Glenn and he's paddling to Quebec City from Miami. The self confessed Kayak vagabond sold all his shit and now just 'paddles around'. Follow this Dharmma bum on his website here as he seeks the essence of himself on the planet through his paddling adventures.
He needs a new skeg, but you can go on his website and buy him a cup of coffee!
Kayak vagabonding sounds alright.

Back to the swamp for another great paddle on Ebenezer creek.
Already a 2 ft drop in water level since the last week, but no less enchanting.
On this trip we ran into Peter G from Massachusetts, in a very sleek Greenland inspired home built kayak.

Peter is a hard core Greenland style paddling enthusiast who teaches every year at Delmarva Paddlers Retreat something I have always wanted to go to.
I tried out his beautiful carbon and wood kayak on the Savannah River, but it was a little too hard core on my butt. He was most taken with Ebenezer.

Tuesday we hooked up with Marius and his Great Lakes paddle posse down for a week of sun, fun and surf. Plenty of sun, but little surf did not seem to dampen their enthusiasms. We paddled out in the Tiderace collection under clear sky's and calm waters which gave them a great chance to compare the flat water Tiderace characteristics to their P&H boats. They also had some very positive comments about the Saltwood prototypes they paddled with.

Tiderace kayaks will now only come in 6 color choices.
Most of the Tiderace kayaks we currently have in stock, or have previously sold are now custom designs never to be repeated.

Tuesday afternoon was a trip to Charleston Customs House and then to the airport to pick up our much awaited shipment of Mega boats. My new Boost was on the order. Strangely enough, last November I sold my Reflex to Nathan from N.Z. His boat arrived 'down under' on this very Tuesday also.
So there you cannot recieve until you have let go.

Wednesday/ Thursday was off to New Smyrna Beach, where there was bound to be surf, to deliver a couple of Mega boats.

US East Surf Kayak Team member Tom May took delivery of an X-tec Bullitt S and Sharon woke up to a 'surprise gift' Kawasaki green Bullitt X. With happy people everywhere
Tom said the surf was 'marginal', but it looked pretty nice to me.
I got to splash my Boost. It's sweet. It was a short visit.

On Friday, the Savannah Beach Surf Paddlers(us)drove up to a US team qualifying event in Surf City, North Carolina. We knew there was going to be surf here also because the weather forecast was for NE winds at 20.

It was no Santa Cruz, but poor quality waves did not dampen the event, which had a pretty decent turn out and was a lot of fun. SC&K guide Zac S had a great initiation into competitive surfing as did SCAD paddler Cooper.
We used the conditions as a good training exercise in paddle out, holding a position and waves selection.
The event included SUP surfers as well, which we thought was a dumb idea, but there you go.
Lot's more good stuff coming this way so get the heck out there and let's meet.

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