Thursday, March 4, 2010

Twitchers on Ebenezer.


We had a great time birding down Ebenezer Creek yesterday.
With the Red Maples in bloom and the water levels running high right now, we were able to spend a large part of the trip paddling amongst the forest. We used the new Venture Flex (The Swamp Rat) which performed admirably in the meandering and slow moving waters of Ebenezer.
Zig-zagging through the Tupelo stand, we saw Yellow Bellied Woodpeckers and a Black Capped Chickadee, as well as a few LBJ's. A little further down stream, near the deforested area, we came across the disemboweled lunch of a juvenile Northern Harrier...looked like a duck of some sort....all tore up. We had a great view of a 'Little Blue' sitting in a Gum Tree and caught a glimpse of an Anhinga taking flight.
With the cold blustery conditions at the beach, inland river trips are the way to go right now.

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