Thursday, March 18, 2010

Tiderace Owners Page

We are in the process of adding a Tiderace owners page to our website.

We encourage all Tiderace owners to send us pictures of your boats in action and let us know any tips, stories and what you like about them.
There is an interesting article this month in Ocean Paddler Magazine by Aled Wiliams, about understanding the handling characteristics of your sea kayak.

"Focus on what the stern is doing by listening to the noise it makes and feeling it's movement. The feel for the stern of the boat is often overlooked as most of the action takes place at the bow, but it's function is just as important."

For Sale... We have an almost brand new Tiderace Xplore for $3200. An unwanted birthday gift, this boat has been paddled maybe twice.
All white. Give us a ring.

Photo : Ed's Xcite S sitting in the Triangle, Tybee.
Thanks Ed.

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