Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Rememberance For A true Champ

You won't remember us, but my wife and I stopped by a few years ago while we were vacationing in the area. I wanted to see your Greenland paddles, but you were out at the time so instead I got a hat and a VIP tour of your place. Joey greeted us on the front porch and helped show us around. Since then, whenever we think of Savannah we think of SC&K and big Joey. He was awesome, and we're terribly sorry for your loss.
Ken & Gayla,Murphysboro, IL

Sorry for your loss of big Joey, not a cool thing, but I'm still grinning thinking about him nearly taking my hand off when I tried to pat him while he was protecting your jeep from those such as I- my vibe must have been weirder than I thought.
Kevin, W.VA

We're all so sorry to hear of Joey's passing. We will miss seeing him and are sad with you.
Mark, Julie, Sara and Drew, Statesboro, GA

Let the spirit guide...
Remember the good times.
Marius, IL

Karina and I were only at your house for only a short time, but we talked about Joey on many an occasion. I remember asking Karina on the plane ride back to NZ if we should get a dog, of course this is only after we met joey! It just so happens, that because of our meeting with your cool dog, that we have actually ended up with a cat! Still, it saves one animal from the SPCA. (thanks Joey!). He was such a cool dog...scared the hell out of me at first!!
Nathan, NZ

I remember the first time I met Joey when dogs could sorta run free on the back river beach. He and my golden lab Danny would run and play in the water. This was a great dog and my thoughts are with you on this sad day.
Diane with Mermaid cottages, Tybee Island

On my way to work this morning, I remembered the first time I met Joey and how calm and dignified he was, even with our crazy Corgis running around. And then when I read your eulogy, I was reminded of my favorite song about a dog, Bron-Yr-Aur Stomp, on Led Zeppelin III:

As we walk down the country lanes I'll be singing a song
You hear me calling your name
Hear the wind within the trees telling Mother Nature 'bout you and me

When you're old and your eyes are dim, There ain't no Old shep gonna happen again
We'll still go walking down country lanes, I'll sing the same old song
Hear me call your name.

Martha, Fl

It was grand to see the three of you at ECCK. I am so very sorry for your
loss of Joey.
Andy and Julie, SC

Joey RIP………………………………so sorry…………he was lucky to have been with you guys…………embrace the pain, and check out “on joy and sorrow” Kahlil Gibran’s “The Prophet”.
Bruce, KY

We are so sorry to hear that Joey has passed but are sure that he's in a much better place and just as spunky as ever. I feel truly blessed that I to got come by today and say goodbye to such an important and irreplaceable part of your family. Rick and Cable wish they could have been there too.
Sarah, Rick and Cable, Bluffton, SC

So sorry about Joey. What a great guy. He will be missed.
Brian, NC

Thank You all for your phone calls and emails.
They are heartwarming, touching and humorous... so very Joey.

Christmas 2009-Joey still giving his famous 'hard stare' at 90.

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