Friday, April 23, 2010

Wave Ski Thief Identified.

Last week we received a phone tip off that Anna's Wave Ski was at 'Play It Again Sports'.
We relayed this information straight to Anna who immediately went there.
Unfortunately the ski had been sold several days before.

"I went down there first thing on Saturday to show the manager a
picture of it and he said someone had brought it in the same day it was
stolen. Said Anna yesterday.

He paid the people by check,($100) had a record of it and gave me the name and
address of the thief (he lives on Tybee). He had also been bringing in
many other items during the last couple of months (golf clubs, etc)and he
had been bringing them things for a couple of years."
The owners refuse to give me the name of the person who bought it.
He paid by debit card,($400) so the police said they will get a subpoena to send to savannah police for them to get the information, but didn't seem to think that they
would really do it."

As of Monday no arrest have been made as the police have been too busy.

So, if you see a blue wave ski at the beach with a 250lbs guy in his 30's swimming a lot then call Anna or call the police, who hopefully will not be too busy to reclaim the stolen property.

Stay tuned for more updtaes on this story.

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