Monday, April 26, 2010

When the Wind Blows

Joey taught us many things in our ten years together.
He was strong and kind, proud and patient, unselfish and mellow.
He had a big presence that reached out to many people, far and wide.
All who met him loved him, and he loved nature and the outdoors.
He never killed anything, save for the odd fiddler crab that got 'stomped'.
He rarely got angry and never drew blood.
He particularly loved windy days, when his ears would hover at the side of his big ol' head.
Everybody in the neighbourhood knew him from walking down to the dairy pasture each morning and evening. To the brothers on the street he was 'The Champ'.

We embrace Joey's energy that now blows on the wind through the universe.

DOB unknown - April 25, 2010

For all your love and support at this time, we Thank You.

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