Tuesday, September 21, 2010

N.H Surf Kayak Camp & Sweet Sunday

Ben Lawry and Nigel Law teamed up once again to dish out there own brand of surf kayak instruction up on the New Hampshire coast this weekend.

The timing could not have been better as Hurricane Igor swirled around mid Atlantic and the multiple rocky headlands of the NH coast gave pristine point breaks at every bend. Surf increased over the weekend and culminated in outstanding conditions for Sunday.... A solid 4ft with a 15 second period gave the surf campers some head high set's on glassy seas. Everyone got to test their boats, skills and metal on what was a perfect Surfday.

When asked about what he thought of New England Nigel responded
"It's a lot like Old England, but better value."

Skill level was across the board with paddlers in SoT's, WW boats and surf kayaks.
We will be putting some video clips of the event together soon.

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