Wednesday, September 15, 2010

SoF Boat Ushers in Tactical Overland Adventure Squad

With the winding down of the 'Hi' season, our thoughts turn to the 'Off' season and how best to make use of this time period.
As our friends and customers know, during the winter we run a 'reduced to none' service depending on enthusiasm, weather, and finances.
This year, however, due to the departure of key team member Mr. Joey, we will be implementing our continually expanding bucket list of paddling adventures. The list, amassed after ten years of paddling to Little Tybee everyday, will be kicked off this winter. It was 10 years ago that we paddled down the Mississippi and into the Gulf to the Florida Keys. At the time we thought it was a good idea. Now, 10 years later we think it was a brilliant idea.

For many of the planned trips we will be using a folding kayak....a 2 man Expedition Nautiraid.

Neither a canoe or a kayak, and able to fit in the trunk of a taxi, we think the Naughty Raider the perfect vessel for several of the trips listed below.. especially since many of them are one way river trips. We will be writing about these adventures and posting photos on this blog. These adventures serve no other purpose than to satiate our desire to paddle the roads less traveled, to expose ourselves to other ideas and cultures, and to meet people we would otherwise not meet on the GA Coast. Our only sponsorship will come from each other. The gear we use will be of little consequence, unless of course, it fails.

We recently took the new tactical adventure craft on a test paddle on the lower
reaches of the Savannah River. The very well constructed kayak performed quite well, was very comfortable, and disassembled in under 15 minutes. Assembly time is expected to drop down to about the same. The next test paddle will be with a full load on the Savannah River. We will take the bus to Augusta and paddle back to Savannah.

The Bucket List of trips, in no particular order, including but not limited to, is as follows:

Trip down the River Thames, England. Probably Richmond to Greenwich.
Circumnavigation of Brownsea Island, England.
Circumnavigation of Manhattan Island, USA.
Night Trip Up the Girond Estuary to Bordeaux, France.
Trip down the Ganges River, India. Probably mid section Kanpur to Varanasi.
Trip along the Jurassic Coast, England.
Trip on the Inside Passage, Vancouver Island section, Canada.
Trip along the Maine Kayak Trail, USA.
Trip down the River Kwai, Thailand.
Fjords of Norway.
Trip down the Green River, Utah, USA.
Baja coast trip, Mexico
Day trip on Loch Ness, Scotland.
Plus a whole bunch of others that we will make up as we go.

Editors Note:
In order to facilitate this new section of SC&K we have had to cancel this years GA Coast Expedition. We will, however be scheduling a 9 Day Complete length of the Georgia Coast trip for November 2011.

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