Thursday, September 16, 2010

Surfs Up for the Weekend

Here comes Igor.
For only the second time in recorded history there are now two category 4 storms in the Atlantic.
Both storms are expected to reduce in intensity, but 25ft seas ahead of Igor should start a good ground swell rolling to shore later today. By the weekend, swell period (diagram on left) should be 14-16 seconds,with light onshore winds, giving us good, shoulder high sets. According to Captain Pat, Monday looks like the best day with winds turning off shore, cleaner conditions and Joes back at work.

Looks like Nigel will miss all the action as he is gone to NH to teach, wait for it, a surf class ! Oh brother! What a Joe!
Oh well, surf should stick around for the following weeks surf camp in Amelia, FL.
1926 was the last time we had two such big storms swirling in the ocean.

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