Thursday, September 29, 2011

News from 'Worlds'

This just in..
The tape measure came out this afternoon at boat inspection when Chris Hobson was found to have non regulation tails. The rules state that all kayaks must be equipped with tails both back and front, that are 20 cm in length, and are at least quarter of an inch thick. A hot favorite to win this year's competition, Mr Hobson was found to be in violation of thickness.! ..Alas, the matter was resolved with thicker rope.
The World Surf Kayak Championships start tomorrow in earnest. Prior to surfing, all the competitors must have their boats checked by officials from the WSKA. As well as the tails, boats are checked for regulation flotation and correct size...HP or IC. Once inspected, competitors are given a sticker of approval. Let the games begin!

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