Wednesday, September 21, 2011

World Championships Start in 7 Days

In 1 week's time, the competition to find the world's best individual surf paddler and surf paddle team will commence. Coming from England, Ireland, France, Portugal, Spain, Italy, Argentina, Brazil, and Australia, over 90 competitors will converge in the OBX for nearly 10 days of extreme coastal paddling.
Savannah Canoe and Kayak are excited to be involved with this prestigious and momentous East Coast event in several ways. First off, we are an official sponsor of the event. Having a paddling event like this take place right on our doorstep... well, how could we not get behind it? "This is totally brilliant for east coast surf paddling." Second, our very own quarter master and guide, Nigel Law, will be competing in the individual event along side the greatest surfers on earth. And, the same Mr. Law will also be paddling and representing for the U.S. East coast in the team event.
So what is does it work, you ask.
Well stay tuned to the blog as we will provide updates and insights into this paddlling symposia unlike any other.
Here is a brief outline of the event..

Sept 28 - Practice/exhibition day for competitors (non-required)
Sept 29 - Morning – Competitor check in and Boat safety check - Evening – Competitor Parade and opening banquet
Sept 30-Oct 8 - Competition
Oct 7 - Evening – Award Ceremony and closing banquet
Oct 9 - Non-mandatory exhibition and free surf
Oct 10 - Optional last surf session. Farewell and travel day.

We'll be keeping you abreast of Nigel's experiences, his trails and tribulations, in real time, over the 10 days of the event.

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