Tuesday, September 27, 2011

NH to SAV to OBX

The New Hampshire Surf Camp with Ben Lawry and Nigel Law came and went with the flick of a paddle this last weekend.

The camp location was once again Hampton Beach and the HQ was a great New England beach house with it's own boardwalk across the dunes.
It's amazing how much New England resembles Old England in so many ways. They have all the old town names, but have added their own pronunciation! The grocery store looks old and tired, and the beaches closely resemble those back home.
The weather was great and the Atlantic sea state was, although glassy smooth, just a little on the small side this year.
The 1-2 ft waves did provide plenty of opportunity for fine tuning edge control and speeding up reaction time. Surfing is all in the subtleties, and small days can be useful as training days.

The waves did not satisfy those looking to make big moves and sweeping, carving turns in long IC boats. Last year's NH surf camp rounded out at 6-7 ft with a 12 sec period, and spoiled us rotten with our expectations of this great little piece of coastline.
With a variety of boat styles and skill levels we worked though the moves and ironed out the guts of surfing.. position, timing, and trim.
Wednesday we head up to the OBX...Nags Head... where we will keep you up to speed with the latest and greatest in the world of surf kayaking.
Word is the surf will be up for this one.

Word !

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