Friday, October 28, 2011

Camping Gear at the Store this Winter

It has been said that we do like to go camping. It is true...and we are very interested in new products that make our little adventures more comfortable.
I have been using an Exped tent for several years and love it. We took a bunch of their gear to India last winter and loved it all. In the shop we carry several varieties of their dry bags, the 7.5 air matress and the ever useful, multi functioning Multi Mats.
Also new in the shop is the M-Kettle. Designed and made in great Britain ( who else makes kettles) The M kettle is a water boiling device powered by burning natural raw materials in a seperate lower chamber. We have not field tested it yet, but it looks and sounds good. We have a few overnighters in the works, as well as an extended canoe adventure in January and will put this device to the test. Another product of interest is the Kupilka table wear. Made from natural composite fiber material, this nordic dinner set makes for a pleasing aesthetic once the vitalls come out. The cup is very cool and can be attached to your belt with a tether. Very Norse.
Stop in the shop and have a closer look at these nifty little'll not see them everyday.

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