Wednesday, October 5, 2011

It's been a fantastic week here in the Outer Banks...really an outstanding event. The level of performance and showmanship has been par-none and made for some of the best spectator viewing you could hope to find in paddle sports. Aside for their great athleticism, this small fellowship of paddlers make up some of the coolest, nicest athletes around. The conditions could not have been better. Waves have been barreling in since Sunday morning. The west wind has blown steady, walling up waves making for some great take offs. The team finals start today....US West, England and Basque, and soon after individual world champions will be decided. The only question is the conditions. Swell period looks to be shortening and the winds are clocking around. Nags Head can get pretty gnarly when the wind blows onshore. Whatever it is, it will be well worth watching this fearless band of wave warriors. Currently the East Coast has three paddlers thru to the finals....Lindsey Usher in IC and Tom May and Ted Morris in Grand Masters final. Chris Hobson is in two semi's for both long and short boat.

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