Monday, October 3, 2011

Update from Worlds..

The waves keep rolling in, and the World Championships for surf kayaking is cranking out the heats at a relentless pace! Some 22 heats were completed Monday, narrowing the field quite considerably and bringing us up to the semi finals for Tuesday. Team finals will take place some time in the next two days. England and Basque team will shoot it out with US Team West, who slipped into the final by 1 point over US East. World class waves are matched only by the world class rides the competitors are making. After yesterday's impressive hammer fest, a lot more radical moves are being landed. Dave Speller (Jersey) landed two back to back aerials in his heat and Galen Licht (US West) is really charging hard to become world champ. Chris Hobson (NI) pulls it out of nowhere with competitive but casual style. After today's action, these three dudes will be glad that Edu Exterberria (Basque) is no longer in the mix. East coast paddlers Ted Morris is moving on into the semi final for grand masters short tomorrow, as is Tom May. Other East coast team paddlers who made it thru the prelims are Anthony Bell, Spencer Cook, and Joey Hall in men's long, and Lindsey Usher in women's long. Rockin'.

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