Sunday, April 22, 2012

East Coast Kayak Festival in Good Shape.

Charleston's East Coast Canoe and Kayak Festival continued to ride the spilling wave of optimism washing over the land.
From Bonaventure to Canoecopia, it's been a promising start to this election-year paddle season, as people have decided that life, and paddling, must continue regardless of regime change and economic melancholia.

This was our first year not in attendance as either instructors or vendors at ECCKF. We did pay a quick visit on Saturday just to say hi to friends, paddlers, and countrymen, old and new.
We were greeted by a healthy dose of activity both on and off the pond. Class attendance on the lake looked great, as was the attendance of the paddlesports manufacturers around it. The SUP trend continued it's mighty conquest, with lots of loud splashes as the SUP groms bit the dust time and again. Even Dubside cruised past in commando stance (didn't know he could stand), as somebody shouted out "roll that -ucker".
The P&H crew were cooking up a storm, as always, with the ever popular Cetus and Delphin ranges.
The Tiderace booth was also swamped with test paddlers eager to experience the newest Tiderace Extra... looking super hot in it's NASCAR paint job.
The Hobie Fishing team were also frying hard, and won top marks for UV protection attire and branding. The pedal revolution continues to turn.
Epic Kayaks were blowing out some nice looking blades...not as cheap as last year, but still some good deals to be had. Commander Josh kept it all in order, as he buzzed about the park on his new Segway and high vis helmet.
And surf kayaks, you ask ?....well, not a single one to be seen anywhere. Imagine that!.

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Canoe Sailor said...

So weird that no Surf kayaks were there. Were there any whitewater boats there?