Sunday, April 8, 2012

This Week on The Water. 9-15 Apr

Happy Easter, Y'all.
That was a busy week!
We are a small company offering small group activities, and we are in high demand. We recommend to all our customers that they book well in advance, and think about planning the vacation around the kayaking. That's what we do when we go away, and it often makes for a much more interesting vacation all around. The success of any paddling trip is in the planning. You will get a much better quality trip if you book at least several days ahead.
If you have to 'go kayak now', we recommend calling Sea Kayak Georgia or North Island Kayak, who are much better set up to handle 'walk ups'.
So, the rest of the week looks like a good one for weather and trips.
Plenty going on for all interests and levels.

Mon 9 Half Day Tour: Little Tybee 9:00-12:00

Wed 11 Half Day Tour: Little Tybee 12:00-3:00

Wed 11 Full Day Marsh Trip: Little Tybee 10:00-3:00
This is one of our favourite day trips for any skill level, and particularly makes a great outting for a family. Lots of marsh creek paddling. Bring a picnic lunch for some quiet time with the shore birds.

Thurs 12 Half Day Tour: Skidaway Narrows 1:00-4:00
Paddling Narrows is a trip into the past, with great history and natural beauty. Highly recommended for half and full days..

Thurs 12 Full Day Trip: Mosquito Run 11:00-400
More paddling through more of Little Tybee. Mosquito Ditch is a right of passage.

Fri 13 Half Day Tour: Little Tybee 1:00-4:00

Sat 14 Half Day Tour: Little Tybee 8:30-11:30

Sat 14 Sea Kayaking Level 1 10:00-2:00

Sun 15 Half Day Tour: Little Tybee 9:00-12:00

Sun 15 Sea Kayaking Level 2 10:00-2:00

Sun 15 Full Day Trip: Wassaw Island 8:00-2:00
Trip to the old fort. Not much going on here, as usual.....ssshh, this ones a secret.

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