Monday, April 16, 2012

Staff Gear Picks from The Shop

Kokotat Destination Paddle Wear Hand Covers UPF 40+
If you live in the south, this product makes a lot of sense. We love the sun, but it doesn’t always love us back, and the backs of the paddlers hands really take a beating. In the past we've tried wearing extra long shirt sleeves, old socks with thumb holes cut out, and we have even wrapped our hands with grapefruit rinds.
So, we were very interested when we saw this product from those great folks at Kokatat watersports wear. These lightweight hand covers are great for summer paddling, when sunscreen washes off quickly and gloves interfere with gripping the paddle comfortably. For touring and casual paddling these hand covers offer the highest level of sun protection on a high UV intensity body part.

Exped Cargo Drybag
We love Exped camping gear. It's well thought out, designed and constructed.
Anyway, The Cargo Bag... A multifunctional, padded splash bag, will keep your packed lunch from getting crushed, or protect your binoculars from getting scratched. The water resistant zipper opens the bag up with a wide mouth for easy access to its contents, and a shoulder strap comes in handy when you get out of the kayak to roam the beach. It comes in three sizes. The smallest one holds an SLR camera with a standard lens. The middle size (pictured) will hold binoculars or spotting scope and small camera, and the largest size will take it all. Great for kayak and canoe.

To check out these and many more paddler specific products, swing by the shop.
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