Friday, March 13, 2009

SC&K in April Issue of South Magazine

Taken from an article for The South Magazine out next month.

Hi Jennifer,
Thanks for your interest in SC&K.

Yes, we have been in Savannah for nearly 9 years..guiding the whole time, but only started our own business 6 years ago. We canoed here from Wisconsin in 2000.

The guides we use have been paddling the GA coast for many years and have a great deal of experience from it. As well as excellent paddlers, they are also very interesting characters in their own right. They all have a vested interest in the GA coast and it's protection.
They work for us on a part time basis. My wife, Kristin, and I are the only full time employees. We each spend about 250 days a year on Georgia water ways.

Marsh, rivers, ocean, and islands make for no lack of destinations. Some of it is protected from sprawl, much of it is not. Apart from the shootings, Savannah is a pretty civilized town with an interesting mix of characters wishing to experience their environs one way or another..

Kayaking is the most popular paddle sport in this area, and most suited to our tidal and 'open' marsh environment. This area has also become nationally recognized as a great place to sea kayak as the conditions here are excellent. Canoes are best used west of I 95. The surf here is small but good for learning and approx. ten days a year the surf here is as good as Florida or any east coast location. Surf Kayaking is just like regular surfing, but your on your butt and you have a paddle.

Most of our clients are locals from Savannah, the Islands, Statesboro, Augusta, and Atlanta. In the Fall and early spring we 'll get clients from California, Canada, New England and some from Old England. They usually come for our Sea Kayak instruction and training, making most use of our warm waters. Some come for our coastal expedition trips along the GA coast.

If it lives in the ocean, we have encountered it up close...everything but a whale. Have not seen a live one of those around here, yet, but they're out there.

We once had a large dolphin leap up into air and come down on the bow of a kayak, kicking it up on end. It was quite a ride for the 13 year old paddler who has a great story that no one will ever believe.

Everything on our website is current. It is one of the most current kayaking websites in the business.

Thanks, Jennifer. Hope that helps. Good luck and if you want to go kayaking give us a ring.

Nigel Law
ACA Instructor Trainer, ACA Canoe Instructor, BCU Level 3 Sea Kayak Coach, WFA
Co owner of Savannah Canoe & Kayak ..along with Kristin Law.

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