Monday, March 2, 2009

Cumberland Island Adventure

We started the '09 paddling season this past weekend with a fantastic trip to beautiful Cumberland Island. True to her nature, March kicked out February with a flash and a bang.

This trip was a bit different from others past, as we payed a visit to friends now living on Cumberland. We toured much of the island in Willy's truck, passing by the 'airport' just as Gogo was going to the farmers market in Fernandina. We strolled among 'The Chimneys', the last remnants of Robert Stafford's slave village, and browsed the only 'shop' on the island ...Gogo's jewelry store. We knew the weather on Sunday was questionable and readied our camp for strong midnight thunderstorms. With high winds and imminent storms, our window of opportunity Sunday morning was quickly squashed, so we fell back to Plan C, arriving back at the put in right on schedule.

"Thank you for a wonderful and professionally guided trip!!! No doubt you made the wise decision. Willy and (and you).. all you did for us at Cumberland will be the topic of discussion for many months and even years to come.

Finally - This trip did wonders for my spirit and soul and will make returning to work and NYC much easier now that I have a reminder of what is truly important in life - Love of Nature, Friendship, excitement of seeing beautiful sunsets, having a show down with a horse on a trail, being amazed at the force of nature and the weather, the thrill of paddling across open choppy water into the wind and actually winning a (albeit) small battle against nature.

Cheers from frozen Atlanta"

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