Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Three Foot and Glassy - 80 Degrees.

That was the surf report for this morning at Fernandina Beach and that's what it was when we paddled out for an early morning session. It was our first surf in many months of no surf and the temperatures soared into the 80's over the empty beach. Still sore from the previous day's paddle, we took a few spectator worthy wipe outs on chest high sets.
Yesterday Dr Dude and myself delivered a tandem sea kayak to Willy on Cumberland Island. We made great time as we rode the tide out and, with a southerly breeze on our back, we returned with the 4 sea kayaks we had left there the previous week.

So there we were... back on the beach in FL, burning in the morning sun, thinking 'this is not bad' (except for the burning bit).... and just as another snow storm sweeps across the Midwest and NE. There was a moment of silent reflection before hitting the waves for one more charge at glory.

As Willy said as we paddled away from the dock...."Y'all must be livin' right !".

We're trying, Willy.

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