Thursday, March 26, 2009

Cancelled - Eastern Horizons Not Showing Tonite.

Due to an unfortunate logistical oversight, Bryan Smith's Eatern Horizons will not be playing here tonite.

"Documenting the entire length of the East Coast from Georgia to Newfoundland, Eastern Horizons blends the rich history and culture of the Atlantic with world class sea kayakers, idyllic destinations, incredible wildlife and compelling stories of people who's lives are deeply connected to the Atlantic Ocean. From paddling the wildlife rich swamps and mangroves of the Carolina's to the icebergs of Newfoundland; from surfing the "zipper" at Tybee Island, Georgia to playing in the tidal flows around Nova Scotia's Bay of Fundy; and from capturing the iconic urban landscapes of New York City to the remote fishing villages of Quebec's north shore,
Eastern Horizons will inspire paddlers and non-paddlers alike to get out and explore the ocean! "

We don't know of any 'Zipper action' lately, but we did take Bryan on a 'SC&K style' excursion to Little Tybee while he was here last October. It seems we made it into the final cut, which by all accounts sounds very good..

Thanks very much Bryan, glad to be at your service.

We will reschedule the showing when we aquire a copy of the movie.

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