Monday, April 20, 2009

Charleston Report.

Tiderace kayaks make Southeast debut.

This was our ninth visit to the East Coast Kayak Festival but this year we shared a booth with Randall Henriksen of the New York Kayak Company. Randall is responsible for introducing Tiderace Kayaks to the United States and has asked us to be the Southeast dealer and demo center. We were more than pleased to handle such a great lineup of surfing sea kayaks that highly compliment our line of surf kayaks. Back in February we planned to showcase the boats at Charleston were we would be able to receive feedback from top coaches and the local paddling community alike. And by all accounts the Tiderace boats were the hottest thing at the show. There are currently four boats in the Tiderace range, all of which are from the same genes (the Xcite) but all have thier own character. There are no 'LV's' here.

Comfortable, quick, highly maneuverable, well put together and aesthetically hot were comments we heard time and again form top coaches such as Dale Williams, Karen Knight, Brian Smith, Jean Totz and Danny Mongo. Other local paddlers compared the Tiderace Excite to a Greenlander Pro crossed with and Anas Acuta and mated with an Explorer. Of course, this was only on the pond and the boats are designed as surf and tidal race play boats. The real test will come on the ocean where extensive sea trails will soon be taking place off Tybee Island.

Other things at the show of note were the new Nigel Foster Whiskey boat, a very maneuverable surf style sea kayak that looks like a lot of fun in the waves. P&H have finally cracked it with a small persons sea kayak...the Cetus Lv, a very maneuverable and fast touring boat. The weather was great, as was it to see all the familiar faces, to hang out and shoot the doodoo. Thanks to all the Savannah crew who stopped by.We'll see you at the beach.

Tiderace Excite, Excite S and Explore S are now availble to demo at SC&K and we are now taking orders for June/July delivery. Full prices and details will be added to the website in the next few days.

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