Friday, April 24, 2009

Savannah Green Source on the Move

Green Source USA, LLC, a Savannah based company, is launching 5 new websites dedicated to green living.
The websites, which officially launch today in:
Savannah, GA —
Atlanta, GA, —
Charleston, S.C. —
Asheville, N.C. —
Jacksonville, Fl, —,
are primarily business directories of local green businesses but offer other resources as well, such as;

Tips for green living at home, work, and play
Links to state and federal tax credits
Articles about environmental issues and sustainability
Educational links for kids, parents and educators
Calendar of green events
Information on local recycling centers and organizations

Additional sites in Nashville, TN, Charlotte, N.C., Columbia, S.C., the Hudson Valley, Coastal S.C. and GA are slated to be up by the end of 2009. Co-founder Libby Bacon states, "We hope to not only be a resource for the green consumer, but also become a resource for local businesses in these areas that want to implement more sustainable practices in the workplace." Libby feels extremely fortunate to have partnered with internet marketing company Radius Media Group, which specializes in niche marketing.
Research shows that Green Consumers are hard to identify by demographics such as age, ethnicity, and gender, but instead are identified by the values that they bring to the marketplace.
These consumers have a desire to purchase products, goods, and services from local businesses with similar values. According to Larry and Libby, "Our desire is to help bring the local green community together by providing a local resource for low impact living."
Nice one Libby !

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