Monday, April 13, 2009

In Memoriam - Rashad Ling-RIP

"He was a nice, young fellow, and he got along with everybody," his mother, Susie Davis, recalled Tuesday evening.

Ling, a ninth-grader at Groves High School, was with three friends when he drifted under the cold, choppy water Monday afternoon. The group had waded toward land from a sandbar, according to a Tybee Island police report of the incident.
Ling yelled as he sank. He never resurfaced.

"He was a very smart child - he stayed to himself and didn't bother anyone," said Kimberly Davis, the boy's aunt. "

Survivors include a brother, 10, and a sister, 12. Funeral arrangements are pending.

It was Rashad's first visit to the beach.

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