Thursday, May 28, 2009

More Crowd Pleasers...

Locally grown , organic produce will once again be available on Tybee Island. Mama B's will open this weekend behind High Tide Surf Shop. Store hours are 11-7 for wholesome goodies such as purple carrots, rainbow carrots, fingerling potatoes, red caribe potatoes and 5 varieties of squash! Good luck, Libby.. sounds like a veritable horticultural cacophony for cellular reproduction.

The Georgia Sea Turtle Center on Jekyll Island will release two rehabilitated Loggerhead turtles and one Kemp’s Ridley at noon, Friday, May 29th. Satellite tracking devices will be attached to the half shell heros, so you’ll be able to go to and track them online! If you have not yet been to the Turtle Rehab Center, then it should be on your top ten list for this summer. Hopefully the release will be less of a 'bells and whistles' publicity frenzy of Tybee's turtle release last year.

Open House at the Dhamma Center will be taking place this Sunday from 1-5pm. There is no greater asset to the planet than a self realized human being, but maintaining an open channel between mind, body and spirit is hard bloody work. The South East Vipassana Center can help and runs 10 day meditation courses to kick start you on the right track. Highly recommended.
No bells and whistles, just inner peace.

The very showy Tibetan Monks will be in town next week to coincide with the Asian festival. The holy bros will be throwing down a 'Sita Tara' Sand Mandala at the Telfair Museum.
Sita Tara is a form of enlightened feminine Buddha and her specific energy has to do with longevity, good health, and prosperity (there's always a hidden agenda with the TM's).
From Monday to Friday, it's free and awesome, but don't tell the curator it's going to be dumped in the river on Friday!

Oh yes, Sea Kayak Intro Class on Saturday - lots of sand, chance of turtles, totally organic, and always fun.

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