Saturday, May 30, 2009

Race Day is Coming...


Probably the best little sea kayak race on the east coast. Short, fast, and fun, the race starts around high tide with a long straight down the Back River across to Little Tybee. It then gets interesting as the racers must negotiate narrow marsh creeks with lots of switch backs. Racers have been known to get lost here. Another long straight leg and then finally through the surf and onto the ocean. The weather here can be the biggest factor of the race as paddlers paddle along the front of Little Tybee before coming back through another surf zone.

The last leg is against the tide back up the river. This race is very equipment and weather dependant, so a great equalizer for just about any kayak. One year I very nearly had my arse kicked by Dave Mason in a C1 Canoe !. Dave T, paddling a Thunderbolt, was once leading the pack only to be swamped and sunk in the first surf zone.

Prizes and cold drinks for all who take part.

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