Friday, May 22, 2009

News Round Up - This Week.

A Long Wet Week it was, kicked off by storms and a cold front Sunday afternoon. Heavy winds and cold temps disrupted all arms of our programming for two days. Then, on Wednesday a tropical storm moved up and in, and the rains blanketed the SE until today. Even Space Shuttle was ordered 'once more around the block', unable to land at The Cape.

A Couple of Witless Pratts from Hinesville kidnapped five turtles from the Tybee Marine Center. Working as a team, the naughty naturalist distracted the staff with genuine questions about how to care for the terrapins, while surreptitiously removing the slow thinking critters form their tank. The bungling biologists were very soon afterwards found on the beach, and four of the five turtles were recovered. Felony charges are pending.

Miley Vyrus Coming to Tybee. Come June, the world of Hollywood and all the madness that follows will descend on Tybee for three months of filming.
'Hannah Montana falls in love with Tyler Tybee while discovering who she is through the life cycle of sea turtles'
is the premis for the latest dross from Disney world.
The production, originally scheduled to be filmed on Wrightsville Beach N.C is expected to do for Tybee what ' The Garden' did for Savannah. Be careful what you wish for Tybee!

The Kody Brothers played to a packed porch Wednesday evening at Zacs ' I'm leaving again' party. Hosted by SC&K guides Nick & Steph, the small and intimate gathering was a veritable feast of fine vitalls, conversation and musical jams.
Since arriving back in town this last winter, after completing the Appalachian Trail, Zac has discovered that home ain't going anywhere and there's a whole world out there just waiting to wise him up.

New Boats Arrived from Mega yesterday. We are now once again fully stocked with the latest and best surf machines in the world. We have a very hot X Tech Bullitt S as well as a good stock of Merlins and Neutrons and a very hot Scarab.

Call for a demo or to make an appointment to view and smell these vessels.

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