Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Back From Tybee..

"After 8 days straight on the water, I'm feeling tired.
Eight days is not a record by far, I must be wearing out. It's been hot and heavy here for 9 plus weeks. Throw in a whole slough of visitors who would otherwise be vacationing in the Gulf, and it all adds up to quite a harvest.
No complaints. Paddling for a living is a lofty incarnation, a great promotion to be thoroughly apprecitative of . But it is hard work, being a guide that is.
Not 'hard' like moving furniture in NYC or fighting a counter insurgency in a feudal society...more like riding the mountain bus, on a mystery tour with the psychiatric ward.
Working with People is hard work, albeit infinitely interesting and rewarding.
Ultimately, being a guide is all about people.

It's too hot here to wear any clothes.
It's even too hot to wear a hat. Is a hat really a good thing to wear when it's hot ?

Sometimes I kayak naked, but nobody knows because of my skirt. The only time I can wear cloths is when I'm driving fast in the jeep in the pouring rain, returning from the beach. Then I can wear my Fanatic rain coat, but with the hood down. It's still way too hot to wear a hood, even without doors and windows in the rain at 50 mph.."

Editors note:
Since the writing of the above entry, the guide responsible has been fired.
All SC&K guides and instructors wear the appropriate attire at all times as specified by the Sea Kayakers Field Manual

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