Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Pet Policy at Savannah Canoe

This year we have had a lot of interest in people wanting to bring their pets on trips.
As one time pet owners, we have tried to be accommodating of such requests and have had some rather interesting trips because of it.
We have put the following policy in place to suit all parties.

1/Small Rodents are permitted at their own risk.
If they exit the kayak during transit they will not be retrieved,
unless this can be done without slowing down or changing course.

2/Rodents over 10" are not permitted and will be reported to animal control.

3/Primates are not allowed to paddle solo and must be wearing secure underwear whilst on board.

4/Two Chimpanzees are not permitted to paddle tandem kayak together if they are mates. Some exceptions may apply.

5/Black Labs and Retrievers are definitely not permitted in any kayaks -
neither are cats or any other dogs for that matter.

These rules seem a bit harsh but they are there for good reason.

Thank You for your compliance.
The Management.

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