Friday, August 27, 2010

Early Fall Mega Candy


Ooh, how we love the smell of fresh made kayaks in the morning. Yes, another hot batch of scones from the Mega ovens showed up here yesterday.
And just in time for Hurricane Danielle as she makes an off shore pass.
Surf for the weekend looks super fine but not so clean at 5-6ft with a 15 sec period. On shore winds increasing thru the day..
Conditions like that suit any Mega surf kayak, but our current flavour of the month is the Mega Bullitt X.

Looking at the two HP Bullitt boats, they appear quite similar, but take another look and you'll see a slight difference. Although slimmer in the nose and tail, the big difference is really in the hull. Softer rails forward of the hips makes for a very forgiving re-entry and bags of rocker makes this boat super quick to change it's mind.
The Bullitt X is a ton of fun in all conditions and has a similar handling character to it's big brother, the IC Bullitt. If you are sick of getting a beating just to reach the line up and feeling the steady approach of old man timey, or just want a different style of surfing..this is the perfect boat.
The Bullitt S is the faster boat for sure, but the Bullitt-X is definitely the crazy
Joker of the pack.
Both the X and the S are very suited to east coast crud.
Demo these boats any time, but not his weekend, we are 'busy'.

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