Sunday, August 29, 2010

A Mega Bullitt Kind of Day


The NE winds brought some welcome relief to the Georgia Coast this weekend, and along with it the swells from Hurricane Danielle. Tybee kite boarders were out in force in the Triangle.
Wind and swells are expected to stay around all week and into Labor Day weekend. We will be running surf demos and intermediate classes all week. Call to schedule a session.

Surf Report from Jim F.
Padddling a Mega Bullitt S.

"Went out Sat am and had some fun.
I caught a few very large waves that sent me rocketing across the green face so fast I skipped like a stone. I have never gone so fast in a kayak. I saw you out in long boats and tried to join up but received a beat down in the process. Ending up out of control and too close to the jetty made me run away. Me, Brent and a guy I know from Augusta surfed the early, better waves. It got uglier and crowded later. Too many swimmers and surfers to play safe so I packed it in around 11 am.

It would have been a shorter session without the Bullitt. The longer hull coupled with the tactics taught during your last surf class in FL allowed getting out to be allowed. I bumped my way over some seriously large bruising piles of foam that should have endo'ed me and sent me back to the beach dead tired. If I had still been in my old boat I would have gone home after 30 min."

Thanks for that Jim.
I was out earlier today in the Mega BX and had a similar time, although the wind strength had increased. These NE winds have bought a welcome relief.
We surfed the north end around the rock jetty. It provided a nice eddie and gave us some great rights.

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