Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Luke Learns 'Un-Islamic Mullah Omar' Roll.

Luke is a soldier in the Third Infantry Division.
After coming out with SC&K on a couple of trips earlier this year, Luke decided kayaking was for him.
He bought a kayak from us last month and paddles every chance he gets. Rolling was high on his list of skills to nail and he did so in short time. After about an hour Luke was righting himself with a strong torso rotational sweep roll. Of course, all the rolls we caught on video were the 'ugly ones', but the lessons learnt are good.
Luke has a couple of months to practice before shipping out to Afghanistan were he will not only be disliked for being a kayaker, but also for being an American.
Despite some excellent paddling locations in the country, kayaking was banned by the Taliban in '96. We wish Luke all the best and hope he gets to torture the Taliban with some skillful paddling displays and is instrumental in re introducing paddlesports to the Afghan people.Add Video

A little more sweep and god willing.. ! Nice job Luke. Now go sock it to Mullah Omar !

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Armstrong Beck said...

I thought the idea was to go forward and stop occasionally for tea?