Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Report from Outdoor Retailer.

By Jimmy Ha. in Utah.

Another Outdoor Retailer show is now behind us – with lots of new energy and models to drive paddle sports into 2010.

It was obvious that the timing was “off” for the show – as several manufacturers and dealers didn’t attend. However, with much heated discussion over the last 2 years and concern over timing of the OR show – it certainly sounds like the show will be moved into August. Canoe & Kayak’s alternative show in Minneapolis in September would be the alternative.

Even with timing off, there were still plenty of dealers and manufacturers to keep us all busy. The demo day was “insane” as the beach had been eliminated - and a bottle neck of kayak and Stand up boards crowded the boat ramp. I’ve never seen so many SUP’s in my life – and certainly seems that they are here to stay (for a while?).

Venture gives the Easkys a new Face Lift by offering the “deck pod” as standard equipment on the 13, 15 and 15 LV.

1. New Easky 17 LV for women and small/medium paddlers – featuring the deck hatch similar to Scorpio
2. New “Flex” – offering a paddlers a recreational day touring boat at a great price point $649 (on the far left end)

P&H continued to establish the range as a leader in Sea Kayaks – both plastic and composite. New Pricing on stock Glass Capellas got the attention of all – as did the new sporty 15’. As always, the custom colors and quality plastic models got the attention of all.

1. New 15’ Sea kayaks: Plastic “Delphin” and Composite version “Aries” – both in 2 sizes
2. New Mid Size Cetus 178 completes the range of 3 sizes

Thanks Jim, sounds cool.

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