Sunday, July 5, 2009

Post Freedom Celebration Trash Pick Up on L.T

The masses descended upon the islands in full force for this Independence weekend, with record numbers attending the very awesome Tybee Fireworks Friday evening. At the request of Tybee beautification society, residence were out in force Saturday morning to quickly whisk away the cans, bottles and other debris that was left by the patriotic litter louts. An astonishing ten tons of trash are discarded on Tybee beaches on a holiday weekend.
Little Tybee too, did not escape the littering fervor that comes with the 4th... fireworks, bottles, cans and fag butts abound on LT.
"it's a testament to our freedom that we can throw our trash were-ever the hell we please." said a large dude with a sun burnt neck.

We will be conducting a beach sweep on Bucks Beach tomorrow, Monday at 9am.
If you want to come and help we will rent you a kayak for free.
Call to reserve a spot.

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