Thursday, July 16, 2009

Sea Sprouts - More than just Kayaking

Sea Sprouts 2009 Report.

Our July session of Kids Kayak Kamp earlier this week was a huge success!
With two mums and eight sprouts in a variety of kayaks, we crammed about four days of programming into two camp sessions...the pace was non-stop frenetic fun. Of course, all the games and kayaks are just a vehicle for lessons that are far more important than kayaking, and those lessons come thick and fast with kids, boats, and water. Aside from the most obvious aspect of water safety, we are also nurturing self confidence, team work, and personal character building. As a by product the kids learn how to kayak, and have an absolute blast doing so! It's a win win situation.
Top game was Muddy Buddy followed by Noodle Jousting. We also practiced paddle levitation techniques, floating meditation, and of course our favorite, 'How to Save your Best Friend'.
Big thanks to Julie M for rounding up the Sea Sprouts!

Next Sea Spouts Kids Kayak Kamp session: August 10-11, 2009. Spaces available.
Captain Nigel and first mate, VJ, are also available to hire for birthday parties, demos, and youth organizations.

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