Monday, July 13, 2009

Tiderace Kayaks


By Aled Williams.

"I've spent many years thinking through the design of the Xcite, from the early years of shaping the Romany, through the Rockpool phase and now into the third and most refined evolution.

The Xcite has been my toy, a boat shaped so I may paddle the way I wish to paddle. The Xcite paddles best for me when I forget that the boat is there, I have a notion in my head of where I want to go and what I want to do, and I just get on and do it, the boat should not interfere with the paddling process. This is my idea of an 'advanced boat', its not about the conditions or the size of the water, its about being allowed to perform the way you want to perform. The Xcite is a fast boat down a wave, its made for moving water and steep short waves, Anglesey style. It's a boat that will take me some time to learn, but that's the best fun for me. The harder I push it, the more I learn. It rewards a bit of boldness on the part of the paddler, especially in edging and commitment. "

Thanks Aled.

Call to demo a Tiderace Kayak @ SC&K. 912 341 9502


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