Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Cumberland! The Eagles Have Landed.

Update from the field... Nigel and Steve paddled 16 miles Monday, leaving from the north end of Jekyll and arriving on the north end of Cumberland Island. Cumberland is the final island in the chain of Georgia's barrier islands and marks the end of their coastal journey. They will spend 3 days exploring Cumberland.. camping first at Brick Hill Bluff Monday and then paddling southward 11 miles to set up at Sea Camp for Tuesday and Wednesday. Breaking news... Nigel has found the snack bag!(amazing what a person can lose in the bow of their boat!) Thursday morning will be the last paddle of the 8 day expedition.. 6.5 miles back to St. Mary's for the unload and pick up. With 110 miles under their belts and a smile on their faces, I'm sure it will be a bitter sweet finale. Well done.

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